Petition to protect stray dogs delivered in Brussels

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MEP Andrea Zanoni welcomes OIPA at the delivery of 113 thousands signatures for the protection of stray dogs and cats in Europe to the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament. Zanoni (IdV): “The EU should intervene immediately to stop the carnage of Spanish perreras and in Romania”. Pradella (OIPA): “Citizens are horrified by these killings”.

“The European Union should do everything possible to ensure the welfare of stray cats and dogs throughout Europe”, with these words Andrea Zanoni, Italian MEP of the ALDE group, accompanied the delivery of almost 113 thousands signatures collected by OIPA (International Organisation for Animal Protection) to the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament. The petition calls on the EU to take urgently action against the killing of stray dogs and cats in Spanish perreras and throughout Europe.

“The situation of strays is dramatic in many European countries, unfortunately not only in Spain – said Zanoni – In Romania, for example, a real tragedy is likely to happen because of a scandalous law approved by the Romanian Parliament, which gives the green light to the killing of stray dog population”.

“We are here to deliver the signatures of citizens horrified by the cruel killing of stray dogs in those countries where there are no laws governing the tracking of these animals – said Massimo Pradella, chairman of OIPA – There are ethical, efficient and low cost alternatives to solve the problem of strays”. “We want to make known what is happening in some kennels that are true concentration camp – added OIPA chairman – We demand the immediate cessation of the killings of all pets and the launch of a massive campaign of sterilization at European level”.

Pradella and Zanoni recalled that the European Convention for the protection of pets (November 13, 1987) requires precisely sterilisation as a method to prevent the uncontrolled reproduction of strays, and that Article 13 of the Treaty of Lisbon defines animals as “sentient beings”.

Zanoni has already submitted a Written Question to ask the European Commission to intervene on the law approved by the Romanian Parliament on November 22, which provides more power to mayors for the suppression of stray dogs. Subsequently, the environmentalist leader has co-signed a letter to the Animal Welfare Intergroup of the European Parliament to ask the EU Commissioner John Dalli to intercede with the
Romanian President Traian Basescu to stop this law.

In the afternoon, the MEP and the chairman of OIPA met the Head of Office in charge for Animal Welfare of Commissioner Dalli’s Cabinet, to discuss in detail the issue of stray cats and dogs protection throughout Europe.

The petition can be found here


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