Members of the European Parliamentary Intergroup meeting in Brussels today received evidence illustrating the blatant indifference of the European Commission and members states to enforce EU laws on the protection of animals in transport.

Experts from the transport industry, veterinarians and NGOs informed members of the European Parliament of the daily realities of animal transport in Europe. With more than one million animals on the road each day, the risk for animal suffering and the spread of diseases is extremely significant. This suffering has been repeatedly confirmed by scientific studies and acknowledged by reports from the EU’s own Veterinary Inspectors and well known and respected NGOs.

Despite a clear and comprehensive law having been in place for several years there are still serious problems in the way the rules are being applied by the sector and enforced by the authorities throughout Europe.

Members states are obliged to report annually the inspections carried out in their territory and to submit the results as well as a clear action plan to remedy any shortcomings. These reports published on the Commission’s website (put link) demonstrate the lack of importance given to enforcement. In most cases the reports are incomplete, unreliable and unrealistic. The Commission has not made any attempt to improve this reporting or ensure the action plans are robust and that the actions proposed are undertaken.

“We call on Commission Dalli to set up as a matter of urgency, a permanent inter-institutional working group to monitor and improve the application of the live transport regulation,” said Carl schlyter MEP, President of the Intergroup.

“It is totally unacceptable that the EU lets member states get away with simply ignoring the laws we have fought to put in place. This result in animals suffering unnecessarily every day and animal health is also jeopardised,” he added.

The full documents package prepared for this Intergroup session is available for download here


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