Animal protection protects also consumers

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Following her election as new Vice-President of the EP Animal Welfare Intergroup in early June 2011, MEP Nadja Hirsch made the following statements:

“Together with my European colleagues I am fighting to enhance the welfare of animals within the EU. The keeping of farm animals, their rearing and transport conditions must be further improved. 360 million animals per year are being transported across the EU, 188 million in Germany alone” said Hirsch.

“The EU must make tangible progress in the protection of animals and account for the fact that the attitude among the European consumers has changed: Today, people want to know what they eat, where the food comes from and how it was produced. Animal welfare will become ever more important – not only from an ethical but also from a competitive point of view for those producing animal-derived products.”

One of the subjects Members of the Intergroup will increasingly deal with is the protection of companion animals – an issue mostly under the responsibility of Member States. “The EU has to get more involved into the welfare of companion animals. Especially dogs often fall victim to mistreatment: illegal trade with puppies, rip-off in dog shelters and killing of stray dogs. There are no common standards despite the fact that these issues are of European dimension. Be it when dogs are illegally transported across borders, taken along when people go on holidays, or when EU money is spent to support questionable animal shelters. One solution here is to introduce an EU-wide registration mechanism for dogs and cats.”

The European Parliament’s Intergroup for Animal Welfare dates back to 1983. It brings together MEPs of all political groups, who want to improve animal protection in the European Union. Its activities are coordinated by Eurogroup for Animals.


MEP Nadja Hirsch, mobile: +49 163 4344430

Media & Public Relations: Nina Elzer, phone: +32 2 28 45573

Nadja Hirsch is Member of the ALDE Group in the European Parliament. A graduated psychologist and trained mediator she worked for a long time as City Councillor in Munich. In the European Parliament, Nadja Hirsch represents the Liberals in the Committees of Employment & Social Affairs, Culture & Education as well as Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs.


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