The European Parliament’s Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals has launched its new website, which features a fresh and modern design.

The website contains the latest information on the activities of the Intergroup and is frequently updated with relevant parliamentary activity. It aims at being a vital resource for MEPs and their assistants to find out the latest developments related to animal welfare in the EU, read in-depth analyses of current issues and help them get their message across.

Founded in 1983, the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals has proved to be one of the most popular parliamentary intergroups. It meets monthly in Strasbourg and offers a platform for all MEPs of all political groups to discuss animal welfare issues and receive views from different stakeholders on current topics. Over the years European citizens have demonstrated a growing concern for the way animals are treated with MEPs receiving more letters on animal welfare than on any other civil society issue. The work of the Intergroup reflects this concern and has contributed to groundbreaking new policy initiatives such as the ban on products from baby seals and leg-hold traps, a phase out of the battery cage system for egg production and the promotion of alternatives to animal testing.

Karl Schlyter, president of the Intergroup, said: “We are very proud that the Intergroup has achieved so much during the last 28 years, but we are not about to sit on our laurels. By launching this new website, we will be able to raise awareness of pressing animal welfare matters more easily. It will also give people in Europe the possibility to see how MEPs fight to improve the treatment of animals. We are looking forward to future challenges.”

To visit the new website, go to



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