With last week’s final vote on the Budget 2012 the European Parliament has also adopted a pilot project for a with an appropriation of 1 million Euros.

This pilot project will allow setting up of a coordinated network for animal welfare as called for by the Paulsen report on the evaluation and assessment of the Animal Welfare Action Plan 2006-2010, (PE 430.922 v02-00, A7-0053/2010).

The Animal Welfare Network should provide assistance and information to the Commission, Member States, food chain actors and citizens regarding training and education, best practices and consumer communication. It should collect and store data which would provide input to future impact assessments and policy decisions, as well as to the upcoming EU Strategy for Animal Welfare. Consequently, the realisation of this pilot project is of essence for EU animal welfare policy in the coming years.

The Animal Welfare Intergroup welcomes this initiative which will promote a better understanding of animal welfare concerns and will hopefully contribute to an enhanced implementation and enforcement of related legislation.

It will be now up to the European Commission to take the necessary steps for the setting up of the network.


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