The European Commission adopted last week a new four-year strategy (2012-2015) that is geared to further improve the protection and welfare of animals in the European Union.

The Strategy aims to provide a comprehensive animal welfare legislative framework which promotes a results orientated approach; The welfare with a focus is on providing information and educating all concerned parties as well as ensuring effective enforcement mechanisms.

Furthermore, the strategy highlights the importance of reinforcing actions that the Commission already carries out such as:

  • enhance tools to strengthen Member State compliance with existing legislation,
  • provide consumers with better information enabling them to make more informed and empowered choices and
  • develop further marketing strategies including EU trading partners.

The new Strategy builds on the previous Action Plan on the Protection and Welfare of Animals 2006-2010 and in particular on lessons learned during its five-year implementation period.

The need for a new strategy becomes clear when we consider the importance and value of animals in our daily lives and how much it contributes to the European economy.

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