Andrea Zanoni’s efforts for the promotion of animal protection and conservation have been rewarded during the January session of the Animal Welfare Intergroup which saw his election by acclamation as new Vice-president of the Animal Welfare Intergroup.

“I will do the utmost to improve the protection of animals during transport, to achieve a more humane approach of dealing with strays within the EU Member States and for a better enforcement of the EU legislation on the conservation of birds.” he said.

Andrea Zanoni, has been elected as Vice-president only four months after having taken up his seat as MEP.

“As Vice President, I want to have a greater impact on the work of the Animal Welfare Intergroup to ensure that animals get the rights which are still too often denied to them,” he said.

“I just wanted to be part of this Intergroup as I am convinced that animal welfare and conservation issues need to be addressed in a forum without political colour” – he continued.

“Much still needs to be done to enforce related EU and Member States legislation on animal welfare. I think here in particular about the lack of enforcement of the Birds Directive in Italy, the catastrophic situation of stray dogs in Romania or the perreras in Spain. “The European Union and its Member States must turn the page on this”. Italy is a champion of un-lawlessness regarding the Birds Directive and this is due to a wide spread indifference in several regional authorities.”

He committed himself in continuing his fight against the derogation allowing bird hunting in the Region of Veneto, Italy. The European Commission is about to open another infringement procedure against Italy on this issue. Recently he has written letters to the Commission on the stray dog killing law in Romania and has raised the case of a Green Hill breeding centre for Beagles destined for animal experimentation. He asked to close this centre in case the European and Italian rules would continue to not be respected (VIDEO). Not at least he has asked written questions to the Commission on the transport of cattle destined for slaughter, on hunting wolves in the Apennines and has actively promoted the 8hours campaign on the transport of live animals.

“I will work to ensure that the intent of Article 13 of the Treaty of Lisbon, which defines animals as “sentient beings”, can finally become reality within the European Union,” said Zanoni.


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