During a press conference on Thursday morning in the European Parliament in Strasbourg Tiziano Motti MEP (EPP, IT) presented a video by Onlus F.I.D.A. (Federazione Italiana Diritti Animali) highlighting the ill-treatments of companion animals in numerous kennels in Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania as well as the massacre of stray dog populations in the Ukraine.

Tiziano Motti stressed that there are about 120 millions abandoned companion animals in the European Union which need to be treated as ‘sentient beings’ according to the principle set down in Article 13 of the TFEU.

Several petitions in the EU Member States demonstrate the EU citizens’ willand callfor the humane treatment of abandoned companion animals which focuses on systematic neutering campaigns instead of mass killings. The European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals of November 13, 1987 has also indicated sterilization measures of as an efficient method of prevention against the uncontrolled reproduction of stray animals.

Tiziano Motti said that the adoption of harmonised rules for the identification and registration of animals and the promotion of responsible ownership will also allow to drastically reduce the number of abandoned animals in Europe.


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