Piotr Borys MEP joins the Animal Welfare Intergroup

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Why have you decided to join the Intergroup?

Actually, as an owner of a cat and a dog, I always understood the importance of the protection of animals. For some time now I have been active in the biggest Polish voluntary association dealing with animal welfare – Towarzystwo Opieki nad Zwierzętami – TOZ. By joining the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals, I will be able to coordinate their work in a more efficient way. Because of my MEP status I can assure that issues which are important for Polish organizations are not overseen at the EU level. I strongly believe that thanks to my membership I will be able to promote the ideas and proposals introduced by the animal welfare organisations in Poland.

What are the key issues for Animal Welfare in Poland?

One of the key issues is the lack of effective enforcement of animal welfare related legislation and the absence of sufficiently deterrent penalties against the ill-treatment of animals. This regards not only farm – but also companion animals.

It is also crucial to increase public awareness regarding animal welfare. Sadly the number of abandoned companion animals is still appallingly high in Poland, which is unacceptable from a European perspective. I personally believe, that much more attention should be devoted to this issue. Even small changes to the better would constitute a massive step forward in the improvement of animals’ living conditions.

Moreover, there are some issues which are common for all the European countries, like animal transport. This crossborder problem is, however,more acute in my country, as Poland is the biggest exporter of horses destined for slaughter in the EU.

You are a member of the largest pro-animal NGO in Poland – the Society for Protection of Animals (TOZ). What are its priorities?

TOZ works to improve the living conditions of animals, and acts against all forms of ill-treatment towards them. It runs numerous shelters for companion animals throughout the country. Moreover it conducts information campaigns to raise public awareness about animal welfare and change people’s perception of animals.

Interviewed by Krzysztof Jedrzejewski, Political Officer Poland, Consultant of Eurogroup for Animals 


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