Between 8th June and 1st July 2012 the final tournament of the European Football Championship 2012 will be hosted by Poland and Ukraine. In this context, several municipal authorities in Ukraine have ordered to remove, kill and burn stray dogs in mobile crematoriums, which has caused a public outcry throughout the world.

 To protest against these cruel and useless measures the Italian MEP Tiziano Motti (EPP) has launched the campaign “I would have liked to play as well”, an initiative which has been backed by several Italian MEPs who joined last Thursday in Strasbourg around voting time wearing t-shirts with the slogan.

 Among the supporters are the two Italian Vice-Presidents of the European Parliament Roberta Angelilli (EPP), and Gianni Pittella (S&D), the Vice-President of the Animal Welfare Intergroup Cristiana Muscardini (EPP), and the MEPs Barbara Matera (EPP), Crescenzo Rivellini (EPP), Gabriele Albertini (EPP), Laura Comi (EPP), Carlo Fidanza (EPP), Erminia Mazzoni (EPP), Vittorio Prodi (S&D), Niccolò Rinaldi (ALDE), Licia Ronzulli (EPP), Sergio Silvestris (EPP), and Iva Zanicchi (EPP).

 Motti believes that the European Commission should use the support given to Ukraine in the forthcoming the European Football Championship to make immediate political pressure on the Ukrainian government and put an end to such cruelty towards defenseless animals.


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