30.000 origami messages to phase out dophinaria in the EU

On 16/10/2012, in All posts, by Animal Welfare Intergroup

On 9 October 2012, Intergroup Vicepresident Kriton Arsenis MEP (S&D, GR) has hosted a  reception and seminar organized by WDC and OceanCare on whales and  dolphins kept in captivity.

As part of a WDC campaign highlighting this issue 30.000 origami messages mainly made by school children and WDC supporters were presented to the European Parliament with the request to better   protect dolphins and whales  in captivity and to phase out dolphinaria in the European Union.

There are still nearly 300 captive whales and dolphins held within 34 dolphinaria in 15 EU Member States. The facilities that house them continue to fail to meet the biological requirements of these highly mobile, intelligent creatures.

“Everything has to be done to improve the protection of whales and dolphins around Europe and globally. I’m happy to bring this important issue forward however I can,” said Mr Arsenis.

“Dolphinaria and the Member States that licence them, are failing to meet the requirements of EU legislation which aims to protect whales and dolphins in captivity. Only a comprehensive and fact-based review of national legislation by the Member States can improve the situation for dolphins. Representing the thousands of supporters we’re calling for a shutdown of all captive facilities in the EU”, said  Rob Lott, WDC’s anti-captivity campaign lead


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