Queen guitarist Brian May rallies for a stop of the UK badger cull

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On Thursday 11 October, Queen guitarist Brian May as well as Gavin Grant, CEO of RSPCA and Anne Brummer, CEO of ‘Save Me’ were welcomed at the European Parliament where they had been invited by Richard Howitt MEP(S&D,UK) in the context of the rally to stop the cull of badgers in theUnited   Kingdom.

They met with theUKheads of delegations of different political groups as well as with the British Vice-President of the European Parliament and theUKcoordinator of the ECR group in the Agriculture Committee. This was a good way to get a better picture about EU vaccination policy and the EU acceptance for the newly developed DIVA vaccine which allows a differentiation between tuberculosis infected and vaccinated bovines. The vaccine which can be considered a major breakthrough could be placed on the market within the next months and its systematic application could contribute to stop the culling of badgers which can be vectors of the tuberculosis disease.

There has been cross party support in the Parliament to take initiatives against the culling of badgers in theUK.

Brian May and his delegation also met with William Neale, member of Cabinet of Environment Commissioner Potočnik and with Georg Häusler, head of Agriculture Commissioner Dacian Ciolos. The latter made it clear that the EU does not ban the vaccination of animals. The problem lies in the commercial acceptance of products from vaccinated animals especially in third countries.

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