On Tuesday 6th November, the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety voted on the draft report by Dr Schnellhardt MEP regarding the non-commercial movement of pet animals.  The outcome of the vote was both positive and negative in some aspects.

Very disappointingly, most of the amendments for the introduction of a requirement for dogs, cats and ferrets to be registered on a database accessible across the EU were rejected.  Only one reference to registration was adopted in a recital. The Intergroup believes this is a huge missed opportunity, as identifying animals without the requirement to also register them is of little value.

The adopted report contains however also a number of positive aspects which are listed below:

  • The inclusion of a maximum limit of five animals for non-commercial movements, although with a derogation for animals travelling for competitions, exhibitions, sporting events or training for these events.
  • Young pet animals which have not been vaccinated against rabies should only be allowed to move between EU member states that are free of rabies.
  • Calls for a model of the pet passport to be included within the proposed Regulation, and for this to include the contact details of the animal’s previous owners as well as a description of the animal.
  • The authorisation that not only veterinarians but also other competent persons, such as shelter workers, should be allowed to microchip animals.
  • The requirement to Member States to provide information to veterinarians as well as the public on the general requirements that apply for the non-commercial movement of pet animals.

The final adoption of the draft report by the European Parliament plenary is scheduled for their March 2013 meeting.


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