Report on rising threats from antimicrobial resistance

On 12/11/2012, in All posts, by Animal Welfare Intergroup

Last week, the  EP Environment Committee has adopted a report by Anna Rosbach on the rising threats from antimicrobial resistance  wich is very helpful.

Antimicrobials (more commonly referred to as antibiotics) are often used on a regular prophylactic basis in industrial livestock production to prevent diseases that are almost inevitable when large numbers of animals are confined in crowded conditions.

However, it is widely recognised that the overuse of antimicrobials in farming is contributing to the emergence of antimicrobial resistant bacteria. Crucially, these bacteria are not just resistant to antimicrobials used in farming but may develop resistance to related antimicrobials used to treat serious human diseases.

The Environment Committee’s report stresses the need to limit the regular prophylactic use of antimicrobials in livestock farming and to reduce the use in human and veterinary medicine of antimicrobials that are recognised as being Critically Important for humans. The report emphasises the need for good animal health to be achieved by good hygiene, housing and husbandry rather than by regular prophylactic use of antimicrobials. It highlights the need to support sustainable food production systems which in contrast to ”factory farming” are less likely to contribute to the development of antimicrobial resistance.

Photocourtesy: Science Daily


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