Ways for the Humane Control of Pests

On 19/04/2013, in All posts, by Animal Welfare Intergroup

pigeonOn Thursday 18th April 2013, the EP Animal Welfare Intergroup has held a debate on humane pest management control. François Tisserant, the President of the SPA Haute Alsace gave a presentation about the humane control of pigeon populations in towns.

Frédéric Verwilghen, Member of the Executive Council of CEPA, the Confederation of European Pest Control Associations spoke about the guiding principles in the humane control of pests.

Besides the presence of 12 MEPs and several assistants the meeting has been followed by a large delegation of members of the SPA Haute Alsace.

As concrete outcome of the meeting it was decided that Mrs. Striffler MEP (also active in local politics) and Mr. Tisserant would jointly initiate a humane pigeon control project for the municipality of Mulhouse, France.



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