Prof Peter Singer in an interview with Dan Jorgensen MEP

On 28/05/2013, in All posts, by Animal Welfare Intergroup

ps-dj“Mankind is not the only species of moral significance, there are other species of sentient beings that have rights and moral claims” said Prof Peter Singer in an interview with Dan Jørgensen MEP, President of the Animal Welfare Intergroup which has been registered last Thursday in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Since the publication of his groundbreaking book Animal Liberation, published in 1975, Prof Singer, a lecturer for bioethics at Princeton University, has become one of the most cited authors in the modern animal welfare movement. He sees animals as a group of beings that has been subject to exploitation throughout our whole history. So far, we have not looked at them as beings with moral standing. Considering them as such, we have the obligation to treat them well. He doesn’t though necessarily exclude the possibility of using them for our purposes as long as their welfare is not compromised.

He welcomed what has been done so far in the European Union, to improve the welfare of animals but pointed out that a lot remains still to be done, especially for a better welfare of farm animals.


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