Dr-Horst-Schnellhardt-bdrOn Thursday 23 May 2013, the House has adopted a compromise text for a new Regulation on the non-commercial movements of pet animals. The main purpose of reviewing this legislation is to make the rules on pet movements clearer and simpler. Even though not all changes can be considered as a concrete improvement to the current legislation, there are several aspects which are welcomed like the requirement for Member States to provide clear online information to the public on the rules for pet travel in the European Union.

The Commission will initiate a feasibility study for an EU wide registration system for dogs and cats which will hopefully provide enough evidence for the need to link the identification of pet animals to an EU-wide accessible database.

Further positive aspects of the adopted compromise are that henceforth only veterinarians will be allowed to issue pet passports. Controls will be also better organized. A maximum limit of five animals will be allowed for non-commercial movements, although with a derogation for certain animals over 6 months of age. This will minimize the risk for illegal trade movements of pets under this Regulation.

The new legislation still needs to be adopted by the Council and will come into force 18 months after it is published in the EU Official Journal.

The Intergroup thanks the rapporteur, Dr Schnellardt MEP, and all those involved in the shaping of the Parliament position.


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