Conference on the European Citizens’ Initiative STOP VIVISECTION

On 02/07/2013, in All posts, by Animal Welfare Intergroup

locandinaLast week, Sonja Alfano (ALDE, IT), Michèle Striffler (EPP, FR), Cristiana Muscardini (ECR, IT), Jo Leinen (S&D, DE), Michèle Rivasi (Greens/EFA, FR) and Dan Jørgensen (S&D, DK)  have co-hosted a conference in support of the European Citizens’ initiative “Stop Vivisection”. Several well-known speakers like Jeremy Rifkin, Claude Reiss or the former Intergroup Member Gianni Tamino spoke about at the spoke about the need to stop animal experiments which often provide unreliable results and to apply and develop non-animal testing methods instead.

STOP VIVISECTION gives  EU-citizens the opportunity to say NO to animal experimentation and urges the European Union to take into consideration a different scientific approach, geared to protect human beings and animal welfare.

The petition urges the European Commission to abrogate Directive 2010/63/EU on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes and to present a new proposal that does away with animal experimentation and instead makes compulsory the use – in biomedical and toxicological research – of data directly relevant for the human species.

Thanks to Citizens’ Initiative, European citizens – – can take part in legislative decision making process of the European Union.

Since its publication in late April the citizens’sinitiative STOP VIVISECTION has already received about 400.000 signatures in several European Member States. In order to be accepted, one million signatures have to be collected until November 2013. More information about this initiative can be found on


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