On Wednesday, Dan Jørgensen MEP has officially opened the new primate hall and quarantine rescue centre of the Stichting Aaap in Almere, Netherslands. This opening had been organised in the context of a seminar on Positive lists and exotic pets.

During this event, Eurogroup for Animals has also launched a  report on the keeping and sale of exotic animals in the EU which is part of the organisation’ s new campaign on exotic animals. The report calls for national and EU action to restrict the trade in wild and exotic animals.

Among the keynote speakers were Paul Boers, a Dutch government official responsible for the recently adopted  Dutch Positive list as well as Els Vanautryve from the Belgian Federal Public Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment Ministry who spoke about the Belgian Positive list. The Netherlands and Belgium are the  only EU Member States which have so far adopted a positive list of species that are suitable to be kept as pets.  Dan Jørgensen,  gave a very inspiring speech about the need to have a society where animal welfare is fully considered.

Together with David van Gennep, Stichting AAP’s Director  and Reineke Hameleers, Director of  Eurogroup for Animals, Dan Jørgensen released the first chimpanzee in AAP’s new primate hall. These new facilities will allow AAP to help European authorities in solving enforcement issues concerning exotic animals.

For more information about Eurogroup for Animals’ exotic animals campaign click here



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