Animal Welfare related petitions in the EP Petitions Committee

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On Monday 16th September the EP Committee of Petitions has debated several petitions concerning animal rights and welfare.

1.      Petition  595/2012 by   Cristiana Muscardini (Italian), on behalf of the ‘Unione Antivivisezionista   Italiana (UAI)’, with 349 signatures, on banning cruelty to animals,   including bestiality and vivisection

(possibly in the presence of   the petitioner)


Petition  812/2012by   Lorenzo Croce (Italian), on behalf of ‘AIDAA’ (the Italian animal welfare and   environmental protection association), on outlawing sex with animals and   bestiality brothels in a number of EU Member States

   CM– PE



2.      Petition 1251/2012 by the   ‘Occupy for Animals’ non-profit association (Luxembourg) on mistreatment of   stray animals    CM– PE



3.      Petition 1254/2012 by Joëlle   Oldenbourg (French), on behalf of Galgos Ethique Europe and with 19 629   co-signatories, on a new animal protection statute    CM– PE



4.      Petition  971/2012 by   Adolfo Sansolini (Italian and British), on behalf of Animals’ Angels   supported by 1 103 248 co-signatories, concerning the transport of live   animals in the European Union    CM– PE


Here you can listen to the debate


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