Working group session with Commissioner Borg

On 20/09/2013, in All posts, by Animal Welfare Intergroup

Tonio BorgOn Wednesday the EP Animal Welfare Intergroup has held a working group session with Tonio Borg, the EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer policy who is also in charge of the main aspects of animal welfare policy at the European Commission.

In his speech, Commissioner Borg highlighted planned and on-going animal welfare issues like an EU-Framework Law on Animal Welfare, the state of play for the creation of an EU network of reference centres for animal welfare, a study on education and information on animal welfare, alternatives to animal testing, the package of proposals on Animal & Plant Health, the enforcement of current AW legislation i.e.- Animal Transport Regulation, Pigs and Laying Hens Directive and Slaughter Regulation as well as the progress in the implementation of the Declaration to phase out of surgical castration of piglets. Commissioner Borg also announced that a stand-alone proposal on cloning would be published until the end of the year.

Concerning animal transport the Commission keeps its position to better enforce the currently existing legislation by providing better tools rather than proposing a revision of the legislation. Tonio Borg did however not exclude that improvements to the legislation will be proposed in future.

Questioned about what the EU can do to help solving the problem of stray dogs in Romania he replied that the European Commission has no legal competence to regulate the welfare of stray dogs. Romania is however a member of the OIE and is responsible for implementing OIE recommendations. The OIE declared that the killing of stray dogs should not be the only method of controlling the population and if killing is the last option, then it has to be done in a humane way along with other measures. The European Commission seriously envisages sending a letter to the Romanian authorities calling on them to ensure compliance with OIE recommendations. Further details about the session can be found here.


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