yourfileToday, the British actress Joanna Lumley, Dan Jorgensen and Compassion in World Farming have presented a summary report about the widespread breaches of the pig welfare laws in EU Member States.

In 2013, CIWF investigated pig farms in six Member States: Italy, Spain, the Cezch Republic, Ireland, Cyprus and Poland. All but one of these farms were breaking important parts of the EU Pigs Directive

Joanna Lumley and the MEPs present, all said that there is no point of having laws if they are not enforced.

Compassion in World Farming has launched an EU-wide petition- Say no to the suffering of millions of EU pigs!  which calls on the Agriculture Ministers from all 27 EU Member States to ensure that the Pigs Directive is fully enforced in every EU nation.

CIWF is calling for:

  • Enrichment materials (such as straw) to be provided to all pigs
  • Tail docking to only be used as a last resort, never routinely
  • Sows to be kept in groups, in large pens, with plenty of bedding
  • Limited stocking densities, to avoid over-crowding
  • All sick or injured animals to be treated and cared for immediately.

The Animal Welfare Intergroup encourages all to sign the petition.




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