On 5 November, Morten Messerschmidt, MEP, one of the co-authors of the written declaration on the labelling of  meat and poultry products from ritually slaughtered animals  has hosted an event to discuss this issue of the declaration with stakeholders from the Jewish community, the European Commission, the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe, Eurogroup for Animals and the European Livestock and Meat Trading Union. While the meat industry and the representative of the Jewish community expressed their concerns about the risk of stigmatization for the religious consumers, Eurogroup for Animals proposed a code number labelling based on the method of slaughter. Such a system is already successfully applied for egg labelling. Applied to meat it would allow to avoid stigmatization.

Other issues were discussed as a general ban on ritual slaughter or equivalence for imported products, The Commission informed the participants about an on-going study on labelling which should be finalized for spring 2014.

The Written declaration on the  labelling of meat and poultry products from ritually slaughtered animals  by Morten MESSERSCHMIDT , Janusz WOJCIECHOWSKI , Sidonia Elżbieta JĘDRZEJEWSKA , Rolandas PAKSAS , Jörg LEICHTFRIED , Nadja HIRSCH , Cristiana MUSCARDINI , Mara BIZZOTTO , Andrea ZANONI , Juozas IMBRASAS , Pavel POC , Róża Gräfin von THUN UND HOHENSTEIN is still open for signatures until 9th December. The intergroup encourages all MEPs to sign it.


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