EP Lunch Debate on Puppy Trade in Europe

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During a lunch debate in  the European Parliament, on  Tuesday 26 November 2013, FOUR PAWS International  has presented the outcome of a recent research on Puppy Trade in Europe and the impact  of illegal businesses on the market, on consumers, on the EU’s one- health concept and on animal welfare.

Keynote speakers were the Intergroup Board Members, Marit Paulsen MEP (ALDE, SE) and Elisabeth Jeggle (EPP, DE)  who are respectively the rapporteur and EPP-shadow-rapporteur on the Commission proposal  for a new Animal Health Law. More than 40 participants had joined the debate.

The market for puppies is out of control and the illegal business is better organised than ever before. Consumers are not aware of the situation and still tend to chose a puppy at the cheapest price.  It is therefore essential to raise the awareness about the reality and health risks behind a cheap purchase of a puppy.

Currently there is no legal framework on EU level for this issue but a commun and harmonised approach would be very much needed to allow better traceability.

An EU wide mandatory identification and registration  system- I&R is feasible and could be adapted easily by Member States without major administrative burdens or costs. Mrs Paulsen and Mrs Jeggle made it clear though that I&R will not be included in the proposal for a new Animal Health Law which is currently being discussed at the EP. There might be a possibility in future to make I&R part of the planned  Framework Law on Animal Welfare or to have it  introduced as a sparate law.

First steps have to be taken now. An EU action plan was suggested.

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