Stray dogs in Romania: Delegation trip to Bucharest

On 09/12/2013, in All posts, by Animal Welfare Intergroup

Last week, an Animal Welfare Intergroup delegation led by Januz Wojciechowski, MEP (ECR, PL) and Andrea Zanoni MEP, (ALDE, IT) went to Bucharest to meet with the authorities and NGO representatives concerning stray dogs in Romania. Over the last three months MEPs have received thousands of emails from concerned citizens asking the European Parliament for help. This delegation trip had therefore the purpose to express the Intergroup’s solidarity and to get clarifications from the Romanian authorities and national NGOs on the current situation of stray dog population management in Romania.

The delegation had separate meetings with representatives from the National Federation of Animal Protection (FNPA), with Dr Maximilian Dragan, the Head of Unit for Identification, Registration and Animal Welfare at the National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority of Romania- A.N.S.V.S.A. and his team as well as with Sorin Mircea Oprescu, General Mayor of Bucharest. The delegation trip has been followed closely by the Romanian press.

For more information, please read the report of the meetings.



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