Mistreatment of equines in Callosa de Segura comes to an end

On 14/03/2014, in All posts, by Animal Welfare Intergroup

DonkeyLast week, the judge in charge of the case of an equine farm in Callosa de Segura in Spain in which around thirty animals were living in deplorable conditions finally decided to close the dealership down.

This happy outcome was made possible thanks to the great collaboration between animal protection organisations the Donkey Sanctuary, ANDA and the Intergroup. With joined forces it was possible to put pressure on the judge and local authorities, who had previously closed the case, to take a closer look at the deplorable sanitary and hygienic conditions in which animals were kept in and whose lives were at risk and in need of immediate care.

The surviving animals will be transferred to local sanctuaries for appropriate care.


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