stopToday a delegation of children from the NGO “Schüler für Tiere”and  Maja Synke Princess von Hohenzollern officially presented an impressive role of protest letters and drawings to Othmar Karas (EPP, AT), Vice-President of the EP and to Pavel Poc (S&D, CZ), Chairman of the EP Animal Welfare Intergroup.

This roll of protest letters against the mistreatment and killing of stray dogs has been drafted by children from 11 EU Member States. It has currently a length of 1 kilometre and is supposed to be the longest letter in the world, with chances to enter into Guinness Book of World Records.

The goal of this initiative is to incite decision makers at EU and Member States level to better protect stray animals against indiscriminate mistreatments and killings.

The presentation was linked to a press conference organised by Mr Wojciechowski, Vice-Chairman of the Agriculture Committee who has been very active over the last five months to put the issue of stray animals on the Parliament’s agenda.

For this, the AGRI- Committee has adopted by a large majority a motion for a resolution on dealing with the problem of stray animals in form of a letter to the President of the European Parliament. In this letter, the AGRI-Committee  calls on the Commission to draw up general guidelines on dealing with the problem of stray animals in accordance with the general animal welfare principles. The Committee considers as well that, by 2018, Member States shall introduce a registration requirement for dogs. Moreover the Commission shall submit the European Parliament and the Council by 31 July 2019 a report on the experience of the Member States with the registration and identification of dogs, with particular reference to stray animals.

13600067573_a8d73c2b4aMaja Synke Princess von Hohenzollern welcomed the efforts made so far but called on the EU institutions to look into the misuse of EU – and other public fundings in Romania for questionable dog management measures. In her view there is a political will to keep the stray dogs problem alive as it has become a profitable business. Hiltrud Breyer (Greens/EFA, DE) suggested that the Budgetary Control Committee should look into this issue and if necessary also the European Court auf Auditors.

Sabine Luppert, the Director of “Schüler für Tiere” gave a presentation about the activities of her organisation which aims at developing awareness and  promoting a respectful attitude towards animals among children. The UNESCO has lately  recognised the  initiatives of the organisation as an example to follow for education programmes.





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