Invitation for MEPs to join the Intergroup as a Member

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The Animal Welfare Intergroup needs the support of MEPs during this term.

If you want to get involved in animal welfare and conservation issues or if you simply want to be kept informed we kindly invite you to join the Intergroup by signing the registration form.

The Animal Welfare Intergroup is one of the longest running and best attended in the European Parliament. It has had a concrete impact on the shaping of animal welfare related policy making during the last three decades of its existence.

The main objectives of this cross-party forum are to join forces for the promotion of the welfare and conservation of animals and to act as a catalyser leading to better EU legislation, enhanced enforcement efforts and the dissemination of knowledge and best practises.

Achievements 2009-2014

  • During the last term about 80 MEPs from all political groups and the majority of member states have attended at least one of the 39 Intergroup meetings which were held on a monthly basisin Strasbourg. The average attendance was 14 MEPs per session which is one of the highest of all EP Intergroups.
  • The Intergroup has been a key factor in the shaping of the Parliament’s position on the cloning of animals for food supply which led to the rejection of the novel foods dossier and obliged the Commission to come forward with new proposals.
  • The 2 own initiative reports on the EU Animal Welfare Strategy as well as the one on the protection of animals during transport stem from initial discussions in the Intergroup.
  • Members of the Intergroup have been the initiators of the 8hours campaign to minimise and improve the transport conditions of animals which got the support of over 1 million citizens.
  • The Intergroup has followed the very large number of Parliamentary dossiers which were related to animal protection issues and has made sure that adequate wording was included.
  • Many European citizensconsider the Animal Welfare Intergroup as the focal point of debate and action on animal welfare issue in the EU.
  • The Intergroup has been pivotal for the successful adoption of numerous written declarations referring to the welfare and conservation of animals.
  • Regular side events were organised involving officials from the EU institutions and the member states, well known scientists, conservationists and celebrities. Study trips were organised allowing a better insight into issues like the validation of alternatives methods to animal testing, the conservation efforts of cheetahs in Namibia or stray dogs in Romania.

For further information contact or the office of Pavel Poc.



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