On Tuesday 14th April at 18.30 to 19.30 hrs Jacqueline Foster, Animal Welfare Intergroup Vice-president and Member of “MEPs for Wildlife” will host an event which will see the launch of a new Born Free Foundation report titled “End Wildlife trafficking”.
This report includes recommendations for an EU action plan on illegal wildlife trade and provides the latest information to help EU decision makers to reach informed decisions, and ensure the European Union remains at the centre of efforts to tackle wild life trafficking.
The illegal wildlife trade is a €17 billion a year business with devastating consequences for species conservation, animal welfare and the wider ecology. It also disrupts local and national economies and fuels social and political insecurity. The proceeds fund organised crime, corruption, militias, and terrorist groups.
The European Union has a huge part to play, both as a source, transit point and marketplace for illegal wildlife and wildlife products, and through its involvement in international activities that can impact these issues positively and negatively. It is vital the EU builds on its strong track record with decisive and consistent deterrent action at both internal and international levels. A clear and targeted Action Plan from the Commission can help achieve this.
Among the guest speakers will be also actress Virginia McKenna, the cofounder of the Born Free Foundation.


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