Informal agreement on new EU Animal Health Law welcome

On 02/06/2015, in All posts, by Animal Welfare Intergroup

marit_paulsen-300x147The Animal Welfare Intergroup  welcomes the informal agreement that has been reached this week by MEPs, the Latvian Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the European Commission on the proposed EU Animal Health Law, and congratulates the Honorary president of the Intergroup,  Marit Paulsen (ALDE, SE) for her leadership in the Parliament on this file.

Although formal adoption is not expected before the end of the year, as various institutional procedures and linguistic revisions need to be undertaken, press statements issued by Ms. Paulsen as well as the Latvian Presidency already indicate strong expectations that the final law will respect key principles, including improved recognition of the relationship between animal health and animal welfare.

As noted by Marit Paulsen in a press statement on Monday, the new health law “will be the first law to establish the link between animal well-being and public health”. The Law will also provide an important toolbox to improve good husbandry practices and to fight against antimicrobial resistance.

The law is also expected to require all professional pet keepers and sellers to be registered, further paving the way for improved transparency and regulation at national level.

The new legislation is of paramount importance for animals all across the EU, including pets, farm animals and wild animals, Several Intergroup Members have been a key players for relevant improvements since the Commission first published its proposal in 2013.

The new Regulation will foresee that every animal holder in Europe will need to follow good animal husbandry and use medicine in a prudent and responsible way. In addition to acknowledging the important role of veterinarians and pet owners in caring for animals, the new law will also ensure that disease control measures take animal welfare into account, sparing animals any avoidable pain, distress or suffering.

Stakeholder consultation requirements in the context of contingency planning will allow animal welfare organisations to support the best possible outcomes for animals.

As noted by Marit Paulsen in her press statement, following  half a century of laws, including 39 different Directives and Regulations, the new law creates one clear framework that includes important principles and targets, providing a “good example of a clear and simple European law.”

Press statement by Marit Paulsen on informal deal on the Animal Health Law


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