Farewell Mrs Paulsen!

On 02/10/2015, in All posts, by Animal Welfare Intergroup

marit_paulsen-300x147This week, Marit Paulsen, the Honorary President of the Animal Welfare Intergroup has left the European Parliament for retirement. The Animal Welfare Intergroup would like to express its sincere gratitude and appreciation for her constant and proactive commitment to animal welfare. Mrs Paulsen has been one of the champions for this cause throughout all her mandates in the European Parliament.

Thanks to her leading role as rapporteur for two Parliamentary own initiative reports on the Evaluation and assessment of the animal welfare action plan 2006-2010 and the EU Strategy for the Protection and Welfare of Animals 2012-2015 she has contributed to shape EU animal Welfare policy over the last years.

She was one of the backing forces for promoting an overarching Framework Animal Welfare Law which that would ensure protection for all categories of animals and for setting up a European network of reference centres for animal welfare. These goals have not yet been achieved but Mrs Paulsen has contributed to pave the way for getting there.

As Parliament rapporteur on the Animal Health Law she has made sure to introduce language that highlights the link between animal well-being and public health”. Thanks to the Parliament report the Law will also provide an important toolbox to improve good husbandry practices and to fight against antimicrobial resistance.

The new Animal Health Law is also expected to require that all professional pet breeders and sellers are registered, which is a major achievement.

We wish Marit Paulsen all the best and a happy retirement. We’ll miss her.


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