The Conservation and Welfare of Asian Elephants

On 26/01/2016, in All posts, by Animal Welfare Intergroup

Duncan McNair portraitOn Thursday 21 January Duncan McNair, CEO of Save The Asian Elephants (STAE) addressed the Intergroup about the conservation and welfare of Asian elephants.

Mr McNair explained the brutal “breaking” process of pajan that is used on young elephants to subjugate them for training for use in tourism and temples. He informed the group about what happens behind the scenes at facilities that offer elephant treks and shows to tourists, and about the appalling conditions of captive elephants. Asian elephants are endangered and also subject to serious threats in the wild, including destruction of habitat and migratory corridors, and capture for brutal commercial use in tourism and temples.

Mr McNair shared wide polling results with the group and requested that MEPs exert pressure within the EU, domestically and internationally to put an end to pajan nd poaching. STAE is focused on realistic and achievable solutions that have been formulated in discussion with many key parties within the EU and in the Asian elephant range states.

Please take a look at Mr McNair’s presentation and his briefing note, and for further information please visit or contact STAE at


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