Stefan EckMEPs today sent a strong signal that they expect to see action to stop the illegal trade in dogs and cats , as they overwhelmingly adopted a Resolution formally requesting the Commission to mandate the use of compatible systems of identification and registration for pets in each Member State.

Eurogroup for Animals, whose ‘Protect Our Pets’ campaign paved the way for the adoption of the Resolution, believes that a minimum degree of harmonisation between national pet registration systems would close the loophole that allows the illegal trade in dogs and cats to flourish. In short, minimum requirements around the identification and registration of individual animals would mitigate many of the existing doubts around that most opaque part of the pet passport, the pet’s given age. Furthermore, a common interface between national systems would allow for the easy transfer, upon request, of basic data from one Member State, thus allowing for cross-border traceability.

Renate Sommer MEP, Vice-President of the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals, and who instigated Parliament’s Resolution said today:

“Many Member States already have systems for the identification and registration of pets. We are not seeking to re-invent the wheel here – we do not see the need for some sort of single EU level database. All we need is to have the same requirements, with compatible systems in each Member State. This should neither be beyond the wit of EU Governments, nor should it cause any concerns with the Commission over the issue of subsidiarity. “The evidence is clear, as is the solution. As well as being our companions, pets do pose serious transmissible disease threats to animals and humans alike. I now hope that the Commission will have the courage to take the necessary political decision, based on our Resolution, so that we can end this cruel inhumane trade, and so that Europe’s pets, animals and owners alike are better protected in the future.”

Joint motion for a resolution  on the introduction of compatible systems for the registration of pet animals agross Member States


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