Exhibition – The Secret of the Cage Age: Rabbit Farming in the EU

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From 20 – 23 June 2016, Compassion in World Farming will be holding the exhibition The Secret of the Cage Age: Rabbit Farming in the EU in the Forum Area, ASP3D at  the European Parliament in Brussels.

The exhibition will be hosted by  Stefan Bernhard Eck  MEP (GUE/NGL, DE), Vice-President of the Animal Welfare Intergroup  and has the objective to raise awareness about rabbit farming in the EU.

Over 320 million rabbits are farmed in the EU ever year, and most of them are confined in tiny barren cages, where they are unable to expres s their natural behaviour. This severely impacts on their welfare.

Yet cage free rabbit farming is possible, and is already being undertaken by some food business companies. This is supported by 94% of European citizens who would like to see improved welfare for farm animals according to the recent  findings of the Eurobarometer on Attitudes of Europeans towards Animal Welfare.

The official opening will take place on Tuesday 21 June at 17:30 hrs and will be followed by a reception at 19:00 hrs at the MEPs’ Brasserie in the JAN: József Antall building.

The exhibition will provide  MEPs the opportunity for:

  • Having a picture taken with the campaign logo that can be shared on social media to highlight  support  for the initiative .
  • Signing an Open Letter to the European Commission, calling for an end to the caged farming of 320 million rabbits – already over 110 MEPs have signed this letter!

Compassion in World Farming will distribute its report highlighting the true scale of the use of cages in EU farming, and suggesting steps for how elected representatives, officials and policy makers can help End the Cage Age.

This event is also organised in support of the  forthcoming AGRI-oOwn initiative report No 2016/2077(INI) – Minimum standards for the protection of farm rabbits.



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