Janusz Wojciechowski,  winner of this year’s EU4Animals award

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WojciechowskiDuring the Annual Conference of Eurogroup for Animals, on Wednesday 22 June 2016, Janusz Wojciechowski, the former President of the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals has won this year’s EU4Animals award.

This award was created in 2014 to recompense an EU-policy maker or entity with outstanding merits for the improvement of animal welfare policy at EU level. The recipient of the EU4Animals award must have demonstrated, over a significant period of time, dedication to the cause, combined with a strong sense of commitment and determination to achieve concrete results.

Animal welfare is and has been one of the most prominent policy issues Mr Wojciechowski has focused on since his first election as MEP in 2004. He has done his best to work for the improvement of animal welfare related policy in the European Union and for raising awareness about the problems.

In the European Parliament, he has been the rapporteur for several animal welfare related reports including ‘an own initiative report on the protection of animals during transport’, ‘a legislative report on the protection of animals at the time of killing’ and ‘a report on the new Animal Health Strategy for the European Union (2007-2013)’. Besides, he has closely followed a large number of animal welfare related dossiers as a shadow rapporteur of his Group.

He would like to see all animals protected by EU law including farm animals, animals used in research, wildlife and pet animals. In this regard, in 2015, he has contributed to the successful adoption of a joint EP Motion for a Resolution calling on the Commission to evaluate the existing EU Animal Welfare Strategy and to draw up a new and ambitious strategy for the coming years that can ensure the continuation of a framework for delivering high animal welfare standards across the Member States.

As former President of the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals he has been directly involved in most animal welfare related initiatives that have taken place in the European Parliament since the beginning of the term. During his period as Chairman of the  Intergroup, an average of 21 MEPs have followed the monthly meetings, thus confirming it as one of the most popular Intergroups in the House.  Under his chairmanship,  different issue related working groups have been set up which contribute to prepare the ground work for specific initiatives. He was the Chairman of the working group on mandatory system of production labelling, a member in the working group for a new EU Animal Welfare Strategy and a member of the working group on pig welfare.

The issue, the EU4Animals award  winner  feels the most committed to,  is the call for a more humane treatment of stray dogs and the promotion of responsible ownership.

The Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals congratulates Mr Wojciechowski for winning the prize as well as his Assistant Anna Chuchla and his Political Advisers  Magdalena Majerczyk and Karolina Tomaszewska.

Mr Wojciechowski has left the European Parliament  in  May 2016 and   is now one of the 28 Members of the European Court of Auditors where he works in the Chamber I on sustainable use of natural resources.


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