The Animal Welfare Intergroup together with the Maltese Presidency of the Council, Eurogroup for Animals, AAP Animal Advocacy and Protection   and  Jadwiga Wiśniewska MEP (ECR, PL)  will host the conference “Think Positive: Why Europe needs Positive Lists to regulate the sale and keeping of exotic animals as pets”, which will take place on

Monday 27 February 2017,

4:00-6:30 pm,  

in room ASP A1H-1, European Parliament Brussels 

The aim of the conference is the promotion of the Positive List – a catalogue of allowed pet species – as the most effective, concise, transparent, enforceable and economically feasible way to regulate the keeping and sale of exotic pets in EU. The benefits of the adoption of the Positive List will be presented, as well as practical solutions on how to implement it.

As frontrunners in Europe, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Flemish Ministry for Animal Welfare and the Luxembourg Ministry of Agriculture will present their experiences with the Positive List whilst highlighting benefits, challenges and results.

The conference will also offer an opportunity to discover how the Positive List approach complies with the new EU Regulation on Invasive Alien Species, contributing to prevent the introduction of alien species that threaten ecosystems, habitats or species.


16:00-16:30 Welcome and Introduction

Sirpa Pietikäinen MEP (EPP), President of the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals

Roderick Galdes, Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights of Malta

David van Gennep, CEO AAP Animal Advocacy and Protection

Powerpoint Presentation

Reineke Hameleers, Director of Eurogroup for Animals

Powerpoint Presentation

16:30-16:35 Video-message from Karmenu Vella

Commissioner for Environment Maritime Affairs and Fisheries

 Video message

16:35–16:50 The Positive List in the Netherlands

Hans van Dongen, Ministry of Economic Affairs, The Netherlands

Powerpoint Presentation 

16:50-17:05 Exotic pets in the context of the Invasive Alien Species Regulation

Stefan Leiner, Head of Unit ENV.D2 Biodiversity, European Commission 

17:05-17:20 The Positive List in Luxembourg                            

Felix Wildschutz, Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Consumers’ Protection, Luxembourg 

17:20-17:35 A Positive List for Lithuania

Petras Auštrevičius MEP (ALDE)

17:35-17:50 The Positive List in Belgium: lessons learned 15 years after its implementation

Eric Van Tilburgh, Head of Animal Welfare Division, Government of Flanders, Belgium

Powerpoint Presentation 

17:50-18:20 Panel discussion 
18:20-18:30 Closing Remarks by moderator



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