As follow-up action to debates, letters are sent on a regular basis to decision makers to express the Intergroup’s position and to call for specific changes. In this section you will find the most recent letters which have been sent as well as the replies which have been received.  Letters and replies of former years have been archived but can be requested from the secretariat.

  • Animals in disaster management – letter & reply
  • Kennels in Southern Italy- letter & reply
  • Letter to Ciolos on CAP – letter & reply
  • Drowning of animals irrigation systems in Hungary – letter & reply
  • Kennel in Cernavoda, Romania – letter only
  • Kennel Biobaza in Constanta, Romania – letter & reply
  • Letter to King of Spain on elephant hunting – letter only
  • Badger culling Bern Convention – letter & reply
  • Letter to European Commission on elephant poaching – letter & reply
  • Amendment of Bulgarian Animal Welfare law – letter & reply
  • Letter to Canadian Senator Mc Harb – letter & reply
  • Letter to Capverdian authorities on stray dogs – letter only
  • Letters to Barroso on enforcement Cosmetics Directive – letter only
  • Letter to Swiss Senators on a trade ban in seals products – letters only
  • Letter to the Bosnian Ambassador on mistreatments of dogs in Bosnia
  • Letter to the Turkish President for a full trade ban on seal products
  • Letter to the Japanese Ambassador concerning an IFAW report on whaling
  • Letter to the Philippine Ambassador on Illegal dog meat trade in the Philippines
  • Letter European Commission on wolf hunting in Sweden – letter only
  • Letters sent by individual Bureau Members
  • Letter to Commissioner Janez Potocnik – letter only

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