Animals in Disasters

1 Mar 2023
The Intergroup on the Welfare & Conservation of Animals' Companion Animals Working Group will meet to highlight why animals in disasters should be protected, taking stock of the costs for human health, as well as the economic costs for the recovery of the regions if animals are abandoned.

Importantly, you will learn more about the possibilities of integrating animals into the existing EU humanitarian efforts in disasters.

We will hear from Mr Alessandro Carrotta, Policy Officer at DG ECHO, European Commission and Dr. Jackson Tzu-ie Zee, Director of Global Affairs & Disaster Resilience Programmes for VIER PFOTEN International (FOUR PAWS)

Russia's war in Ukraine, summer wildfires in the EU and recent earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria are today’s reality affecting not only countries in distress, but also the neighbouring countries. In such disasters many actors cannot stay aside from the plight of animals and want to help with their resources at disposal. However the impact of their actions is often fragmented and uncoordinated. The Animal Welfare Intergroup calls for the inclusion of animals in the EU disaster law with the aim of integrating animal welfare actors into the development of disaster management plans and into a coordinated disaster response mechanism in the EU. To find out more about the imperative of protecting animals in disasters and the initiatives, which could be put in place by the EU and its Member States, please consult Eurogroup for Animals' latest report about Animals in Disasters

You can register via this link and access the agenda here

Companion animal working group