End the Cage Age: Easter Action

25 Apr 2019
Throughout the Easter holiday season, images of bunny rabbits joyfully hopping around as well as baby chicks on green grass could be seen everywhere. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Hundreds of millions of rabbits and hens across Europe lead miserable lives confined in cages. That is why, ahead of Easter, MEPs from various political groups and countries showed their support for the “End the Cage Age” European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI). MEPs were photographed and recorded short videos, explaining that the Easter holiday presents a disconnect between our perceptions and the reality for farm animals.

The ECI “End the Cage Age” aims to raise the profile of the issues related to the use of cages in farming among both citizens and EU policy makers. By gathering one million of signatures within a year, the ECI will highlight the citizens’ demand for an end to the use of cages in farming and push the European Commission to consider new legislation that contributes to the end of the use of cages in EU farming. The initiative is promoted by a network of over 140 NGOs and federations across Europe and supported by an ad hoc working group in the the Intergroup on the welfare and Conservation of Animals.