Has the EU Action Plan on Wildlife trafficking been effective and what can we expect from an evaluation and revision?

22 Nov 2021
On 8th October 2021 the European Commission launched a public consultation for the evaluation and revision of the EU Action Plan against Wildlife Trafficking (Wildlife Action Plan). This Action Plan was adopted by the Commission in 2016 and it is now under review to determine its efficiency, coherence and added value in curbing wildlife trafficking.

Wildlife trafficking is one of the most profitable forms of organised crime and the Commission have made clear that it is a priority issue for the European Union. Wildlife trafficking is defined as the illegal trade of wild animals and plants, their parts and derived products. This trade severely harms biodiversity, leading to the decline and potential extinction of some species due to the unsustainable extraction of species from the wild.    

We will be joined on Thursday 25th November by Mr Matthias Leonard, Team leader,  for the CITES & wildlife trade regulation at DG ENV, European Commission who will explain the intentions of the Commission in carrying out an evaluation and revision of the EU Action Plan and what they expect to achieve. Following Mr Maier’s presentation there will be the opportunity to ask a number of questions in relation to the ongoing public consultation. 

The Intergroup will also hear from Ilaria Di Silvestre, Head of EU Policy and Campaigns at IFAW, who will share the views of IFAW and civil society on what should be included in a revised EU Action Plan on Wildlife Trafficking. 

Join us on Thursday for an informative and lively discussion!