How the new EC proposal for a Digital Services Act could help to fight against the illegal online trade in companion animals and wildlife

12 Apr 2021
Did you know that annually EU Member States are losing the equivalents of billions of Euros in tax revenues and missed fines because of the inability to supervise illegal trade of animals and that the online trade made it way more difficult?

There are multiple zoonotic diseases that can be transmitted from a cat or a dog to a human. On the day the EU Animal Health Law is coming into force we will look together with Dr Jennifer Maher from University of South Wales, and Paolo Zucca, MVD, Biocrime, on the trading of animals as an organised crime, we will see who are the winners and losers of the illegal trade of animals and if anything can be bought online.

All that before answering the biggest question: how can the new Commission proposal for a Digital Services Act help here? Georgia Diamantopoulou, EU Companion Animal Policy Coordinator at the Four Paws European Policy Office will tell us more.

To get the best overview of the issue accompanied by a sound proposal, please join the event of the EP Animal Welfare Intergroup on Wednesday 21 April, 10:00-11:30 hrs