How will on-farm Animal Welfare be implemented?

29 Jun 2021
This Thursday the Intergroup on Animal Welfare will be joined by MEP Jérémy Decerle (Renew, FR) who will present his draft report on the Implementation of on-farm animal welfare.

In light of the Farm to Fork Strategy the Commission will be reviewing the Animal Welfare acquis, which as it stands has been condemned by EU-citizens as being outdated and lacking in protection for many animal species. 

Decerle, as the Rapporteur for this dossier, will take us through his findings regarding the current implementation of farm animal related legislation. 

Following this, Inês Grenho Ajuda  (Programme Leader, Eurorgoup for Animals) will present the topical concerns with the implementation of the current EU legislation. 

Join us via this link here on Thursday 1 July at 12:00 CET to engage in a lively debate on the current issues and the possible solutions proposed by Decerle.