Implementation of Legislation and Plans to Improve the Protection of Animals in Laboratories

5 May 2021
How can the European Commission better enforce compliance with EU law for the protection of animals used in laboratories and why are we still using outdated animal-reliant testing practices in innovation?

EU Directive (2010/63/EU) establishes measures for the protection of animals used for scientific or educational purposes. The respect of the rules of this Directive is frequently lacking  in laboratories using testing on animals throughout The EU. Recently, an investigation of Vivotecnica in Spain – thanks to a whistleblower that had been employed at the site – revealed shocking evidence of the mistreatment and misuse of the animals used for toxicity testing.

Despite Vivotecnica, on their website, claiming they adhere to EU Directive (2010/63/EU), the footage reveals a clear breach of EU law.  

Dr Katy Taylor and Kerry Postlewhite, Cruelty Free Europe, will be speaking at the next Intergroup meeting on the 26th May. They will go into further detail about these practices revealed at Vivotecnica and discuss measures that should be taken to change the behaviour in laboratories across Europe.

Nonetheless, even with proper enforcement of EU Directive (2010/63/EU), animals will continue to be used for testing and scientific purposes. What can the Commission do to phase out the use of animals in science entirely and promote animal-free research? The Intergroup will also hear from Dr Luísa Bastos, Eurogroup for Animals, and Tilly Metz (MEP, Greens/EFA LU) on the need for plans and actions to facilitate the transition to innovation without the use of animals. 

Please join us at the next Intergroup meeting on the 26th of May at 11.30 via this link.