Let's Talk about Turkeys

21 Sep 2021
How do we measure turkey welfare? What EU legislation is currently in place to protect turkeys? Does this legislation go far enough?

Prof Dr Krautwald Junghanns and Janja Širovnik Koščica  were commissioned by the Austrian government to prepare a report on the minimum animal welfare standards for turkey husbandry based on scientific research. This expert report refers primarily to the constructional and personnel requirements of intensive husbandry of turkey fattening hybrids. Prof Dr Krautwald Junghanns will present this report to the Intergroup next week. The report is accessible here and you are welcome to come along to the session with any questions on turkey welfare you are itching to have answered. 

DG SANTE’s Kirsten Vornhagen will also join us to give an insight on what the European Commission is currently doing for Turkeys. The reference centre for animal welfare, dedicated to the welfare of poultry and other small farmed animals was designated by the Commission in October 2019. The centre aims at enforcing EU legislation applicable to those animals. But where do turkeys fall and how successful has this reference centre been to date? Ms Vornhagen, the expert on this EU reference centre, will give us an overview of the strengths and weaknesses the reference centre has demonstrated since its establishment two years ago. 

And finally we will also be joined by René Arts, a turkey farmer from the Netherlands, who plays an active role in the “De Slanke Bourgondiaanse” initiative. This initiative was established by turkey farmers to implement a system whereby the turkeys' health and welfare is treated as a priority. As a result, these farmers produce excellent quality turkey, enjoyed by consumers seeking to source their turkey ethically. However, how do these farmers measure turkey welfare? Can they ensure they are producing a product that matches the expectations of the ethical consumer? Find out next Tuesday at 10am by registering via this link here

Intergroup Session 379