MEPs are welcome to join the Intergroup

18 Sep 2019
The Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals is warmly inviting all those MEPs who wish to proactively promote animal welfare during this term to join the Intergroup and to work with like-minded MEPs on common objectives for animal welfare in the EU and beyond.

The Intergroup provides the background information and updates on current animal-related issues, enabling the proposal of and agreement on initiatives that can contribute to improvements or concrete changes.


  • It is the hub for animal welfare and conservation work in the EP. It is open to all MEPs who want to debate and promote these issues. Despite being an informal body of the European Parliament, its members can make sure that proposed initiatives are placed on the work agenda of relevant Committees where they can be further pursued and then adopted by the House.

  • It is a trigger for launching and promoting animal welfare-related initiatives. The Intergroup is not just a forum of debate, but has proven throughout its almost 40 years of existence to have a concrete impact on EU policy-making. It has been at the origin of many animal welfare-related EP initiatives.

  • Its cross-party nature increases the chances to be successful. The large number of MEPs from different political groups allow the building-up of support for joint initiatives which would be much harder to achieve without the Intergroup structure.

  • It allows a public dialogue with experts in the field and direct exchange with civil society. Experts are regularly invited to provide the necessary input for informed debates. The Commission and Council consider the Intergroup a trusted partner and frequently attend its meetings, and animal advocacy groups see it as one of the most effective channels to raise their issues to the House.

  • It provides visibility for the animal welfare related work of MEPs. The Intergroup can provide MEPs with a platform to promote their animal welfare-related activities, as well as through social media. Thanks to the live streaming of the meetings, a wider public can follow the Intergroup’s activities.


During the last legislative term, the Intergroup members led crucial initiatives on a large number of topics and made full use of the different initiatives at their disposal. For example, they led the parliamentary work for the implementation report on live transport; called for a global ban on animal testing for cosmetics; advocated for stronger links between the CAP fundings and animal welfare; and questioned the health and environmental impact of industrial broiler farming.

During this new legislative term, the Intergroup will continue to promote animal welfare in the Parliament, representing citizens’ growing demands in the European institutions. With a fresh start, the next five years will offer many opportunities for MEPs to take the lead and ensure that farm animals, animals used in research, wild animals and pets all get the protection they deserve and that citizens are asking for.

To become a member, please contact us.