14 Dec 2022
The Shelter Adoption Academy's online course is developed for shelters and organisations with limited resources looking to increase the number of adoptions and build local adoption culture.

This initiative comes at a time where there is a global rise in the number of pets in animal shelters in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, which has led to a world-wide cost-of-living crisis and a rise in energy prices. 

The Shelter Adoption Academy is designed for all shelters and organisations around the world in need of help, support, and further training in rehoming dogs. The online course is suitable for anyone working or volunteering with rescue animals or companion animal adoption. 

It was developed by experts in the fields of animal welfare, dog behaviour, training, and education specialists and consists of eight modules, providing learners with the knowledge and tools to support the journey of dogs from a shelter to a permanent responsible home. The course  takes approximately 10 hours to complete. Cat modules are currently in the state of elaboration. 

The course is currently available in English and in Ukrainian.  

Next year, a Bulgarian and Romanian version will follow. 

FOUR PAWS believes that shelters should only be a short-term solution and is aiming for its course to significantly increase each shelters adoption rate, build a local adoption culture and increase the welfare of animals being cared for by shelters world-wide.

Shelter Academy Four Paws