Side event: The Nova Kakhovka Dam Explosion and the Importance of Identification and Registration of Companion Animals

20 Jun 2023
On 27 June, the Working Group on Companion Animals will hold an online event on the dam explosion in Ukraine as well as well as on the identification and registration of companion animals.

The Nova Kakhovka Dam Explosion in Ukraine

Earlier this month we witnessed the plight of animals in the Nova Kakhovka dam explosion in Ukraine. The irreversible consequences for the environment, people and animals are still to be measured. There are some aspects that are under our control, one of them being Identification and Registration of companion animals. 

People are willing to help but their efforts get undermined while aiming to reunite previously owned distressed animals with their humans. During this event we will focus on the impacts of the dam explosion on animals, roles of the stakeholders and the solutions we can put in place in order to better protect animals in future disasters.

Mandatory EU-wide Identification and Registration of Companion Animals

In the context of the review of EU animal welfare legislation planned by the European Commission before the end of the year, preparatory work has been initiated. In this context, it seems necessary to examine the issues related to the implementation of compulsory identification and registration of companion animals by authorised professionals within interoperable databases in the Member States

The benefits of the e-passport and the various recognised interoperable database systems will require exchange and sharing of best practices. Within a multi-stakeholder project, Europetnet has implemented an innovative technical solution key for full traceability in the event of a disease outbreak while also helping to tackle the illegal trade in dogs and cats within the EU. 

We look forward to your participation and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

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