Transport and Slaughter puts Fish Welfare on the Line

15 Oct 2021
Fish farming, transport, and slaughter. What do we know about it? Where is the research on it? How can we help? Next week the Intergroup will hold a session on the welfare of fish during transport and slaughter. We will hear from a European Commission official and other experts in the field to grasp a better understanding of the European aquaculture sector and the effects it is having on the welfare of fish

On the 17th of May the Commission adopted new strategic guidelines for a more sustainable and competitive EU aquaculture. The objective of these guidelines is for the Commission and Member States to develop the aquaculture sector in a way that is in line with the European Green Deal and the Farm to Fork Strategy. The Intergroup was pleased to see a chapter within the guidelines on fish welfare. But how will this chapter be implemented and can it make the splash to create the change that is needed? Lorella de la Cruz Iglesias, European Commission, DG MARE, will be ready to answer all your questions related to fish welfare in the new strategic guidelines. 

The Intergroup will also hear from Dr. Luca Melotti, Essere Animali, a scientific expert on animal welfare who will show investigations carried out by the organisation on the poor conditions of fishes during transport and slaughter. Dr. Melotti will share footage revealing the stressful procedures used when loading fishes for transport, and the violent stunning and slaughter practices which occur routinely in fish farming. He will do this keeping the focus on the scientific evidence demonstrating the sentience of fish and their suffering. 

The welfare of octopuses, a type of cephalopod, currently is not protected by any EU legislation. Marine Biologist Dr Elena Lara, Fish Research Manager at Compassion in World Farming and author of the report, “Octopus Factory Farming: a recipe for disaster” will share with the Intergroup the eight reasons why octopuses should not be factory farmed. These beautiful and intelligent creatures are subject to inhumane treatment and it's high time that their protection be put on the legislative map. 

Join us next Thursday, the 21 October at 11:00am, via this link to discover more about aquaculture and fish welfare.