What can the EU Commissioner for Agriculture do to ensure animal welfare is protected, namely under the new Common Agricultural Policy?

27 Apr 2022
Following our lively discussion at the last Intergroup session on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) National Strategic Plans, we will be joined next week by the EU Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojiechowski to discuss this, as well as his other dossiers relating to the welfare of animals.

A quick recap of the state of play of the new CAP: nineteen Member States have submitted their CAP National Strategic Plans proposals. All nineteen Member States have referenced animal welfare in some shape or form, however MEPs declared it evident that despite some  Member States giving more focus to animal welfare than others, none of the Member States are delivering on the CAP objectives. 

These Member States received observational responses from the European Commission, in which the Commission has asked Member States to take into consideration issues such as tail docking (which currently is not being respected by a number of Member States, despite it being illegal under European Union law). It has also asked the Member States to promote the keeping of laying hens and sows in non-confined housing systems in order to help the transition to End the Cage Age. All observation letters additionally contain requests for clarification for enhancing the level of animal-welfare-related ambition. 

In his capacity as the EU Commissioner for Agriculture, the Intergroup is very keen to sit down with Mr Wojiechowski to ask questions and learn more about what he can do to ensure the welfare of animals is protected under the CAP, as well as under his other areas of competence. For example:

  • Contributing to the ‘Farm to Fork’ strategy’ for sustainable, healthy and high-quality food
  • Avoiding intensive farming and reducing the use of pesticides, fertilisers and chemicals as part of a zero-pollution ambition 
  • Marketing standards for foie gras
  • EU Action plan for organic farming 
  • Food security
Join us on Tuesday 3rd of May 11:00- 12:00 CEST in Strasbourg in Room LOW N1.3.