Who's afraid of the "big bad" wolf?

10 Feb 2022
Following the publication of a draft motion for a resolution in the European Parliament’s AGRI committee concerning the protection of livestock and the European wolf population, the Intergroup will hold its next session on the 17th February on the topic of wolf protection in the EU.

We will be joined by Mr Delgado Rosa, Director, Biodiversity (ENV.D) European Commission, and Mr Jean-Marc Landry, Foundation Jean Marc Landry in collaboration with the Fondation Brigitte Bardot. Mr Delgado Rosa will give an overview of the EU Habitats Directive and its function in the ongoing conservation of wolves. 

The EU Habitats Directive was put through a Fitness Check by the Commission in 2016 and was found to be fit for purpose. Its effectiveness is soon to be questioned in an upcoming motion for a resolution which will be voted on in the AGRI committee on the 28th of February and voted in a plenary session on the 7th March. The cause for such questioning stems from farmers' concern over the safety of their livestock.

Mr Jean-Marc Landry will take us through a study he and the Fondation Brigitte Bardot carried out which looks at the interaction between livestock guarding dogs and wolves in the southern French Alps. It is no secret that wolves are turning to livestock as the “easy option” for their sustenance, however it is highly probable that culling a certain number of wolves is not the long-term solution. What can be done to ensure the protection of livestock but the continued conservation of this large carnivore? 

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